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Vitamin Water and Juice Project

Vitamin Water and Juice Project

Specialty Project Solution :-

Vitamin Water, Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Pineapple, and others as per client choice

Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Product: energy drinks
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Filling speed: 4,000BPH (600ml)
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Filling temperature: 88-92℃
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Bottle material: PET
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Bottle shape: Round
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Bottle volume: 600ml
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Bottle neck: 28 mm / 45 mm
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Minimum/maximum diameter: unconfirmed (φ50~φ96mm)
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Minimum/maximum height: unconfirmed (150~320mm)
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Cap material: HDPE or PP
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Weight: unconfirmed
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Specification: with pre-screw thread
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Color: unconfirmed
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Environment temperature: unconfirmed
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Humidity: unconfirmed
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others Power supply: unconfirmed

Description of Production Process

According to configuration proposal, through air conveyor, bottles are feed to water rinsing, filling, capping 3-in1 mono block. Bottles are rinsed by sanitizer and sterile water, filled with the product material and then conveyed to downstream packing system by conveyor after capping. In downstream packing, first, the bottles are dried by the air-blow drier, then production date and mark are printed on the bottles, then sleeve labeling and shrinking. After light inspection, the eligible bottles are packed into cartons or shrink film, then palletized and up to inventory.

Production process as follows:

1. Sterile material preparation: material with feeding temperature ≤30℃ is treated by automatic plate-type UHT in the temperature of 121~137℃

for 5~20s, then sterile material comes out. The sterile material is feed to filling system after chilled to 85~92℃.
2. PET bottle rinsing: PET bottle which reached operation technique requirements are conveyed to bottle rinsing, which performed by water rinsing both inside and outside of PET bottle, after that, the bottle is feed to filling system.
3. Product filling, capping: sterile material is filled to cleaned bottle by CIP cleaned filling system, after sealing by the capper, the semi-product comes out.
4. Semi-product headspace sterilization: capped semi-product conveyed to headspace sterilization chain, which bend over the filled bottle, sterilizing the cap twice by product own temperature; soften the washer of the cap to improve airproof degree between the bottle and the cap. Time for headspace sterilization is over 30s. After sterilization, bottles are held upright again by the chain, then enter the next procedure.
5. Cooling of semi-product: after headspace sterilization, the semi-product is feed to showering tunnel, which uses two cycles of recycling

chlorine added water chilling the temperature of product to 40℃ below. Usually, we use pure water rinsing the bottle body before exiting the tunnel.
6. Product after-packing: after chilling, the semi-product dried by drying, sleeve labeling, shrinking and wrap-round case packing equipment which owned by customer to turn out to product.

Descriptions and Specifications of Equipments

Fully-automatic Plate UHT Sterilizer

Fully-automatic Plate UHT Sterilizer

General description

Automatic plate UHT is developed according to the technological requirement of hot temperature filling line, through the direct connection between UHT and filling machine, synchronized control will reduce the degree of second pollution.

Equipment makeup

Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others hot water supplying system 1 set
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others tubular heat exchanger
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others product pump 1 set
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others product balance tank 1 set
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others electrical control cabinet and automatic control part 1 set
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others accessory pipes
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others steam pressure reducer and adjusting system 1 set
Vitamin Water, Juice, & Others temperature adjusting system 1set

Sterilization parameter

1) Sterilization parameter and control precision
See the following parameter

2) Heating medium

a) Heat source of the system using the 0.6MPa once saturation steam.
b) Heating medium of Sterilized material is hot water.
c) Exiting cooling medium is chilling water.
d) Chilling medium of recycling product is chilling water.

Main structure parameter

a) thickness stainless steel pre-and-post plywood: 27mm-30mm
b) thickness of stainless steel middle clapboard: 70 mm
c) thickness of heat-exchanger chip: 0.5-0.6mm

Technical parameters

Model UHT-3
Suitable Material Energy drinks
Capacity 3,000L/H
Material Inlet Temperature 25℃
Sterilizing Temperature 95-137℃
Sterilizing Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃

Air Conveyor

Air Conveyor

General description

Air conveyor is horsed on the floor, with fan installed on the top. Air filter is positioned at every entrance of air fan, to prevent dust blown into bottles. Bottles are blocked on the neck in the conveyor and transported into filling machine by blowing power. All are made of stainless steel SUS304, except the horses, board of plastic and nylon.

Technical parameter

1) Model of fan: F-9
2) Q’ty of fans: one in every 6 meters
3) Power of fan: 2.2KW/Unit
4) Length of air conveyor: according to plant layout

RXGFD14-12-5 Rinsing-filling-capping Monoblock

RXGFD14-12-5 Rinsing-filling-capping Monoblock

General description

RXGF series 3-in-1 hot filling monoblock is composed of rinser, filler and capper, which adopts and absorbs advanced technology and is manufactured according to juice/tea beverage production technical requirement. It uses outer-circulation pressure filling method with sound CIP cleaning function.

Main features

1.Bottle infeed
Air conveyor is directly linked with feed-in starwheels, making it easier to change bottles without screws and conveyor chains. Equipped with pneumatic block bottle device.

2. Rinser


The rotary wheel is a fully SUS304 stainless steel welded structure.

The machine applies unique overturning bottle clamp, which is an innovation of our company. This bottle clamp grips bottle at neck position, avoiding bottle mouth thread contamination caused by rubber gripper block of a traditional bottle clamp. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, this bottle clamp is hygienic and durable.

The high efficiency atomizing spay nozzle installed on bottle clamp is capable of cleaning any part of bottle inner wall, and also saves rinsing water.

All sliding bushes of lifting device use Igus (Germany) anti-corrosion maintenance free bearing. The rinser is driven by driving system positioned inside machine frame via gear transmission.

3.Transfer starwheels
Made of stainless steel of superior quality.

4. Filler


Rotary wheel fully made of stainless steel SUS 304. Gravity filling method. Filling valves are made of SUS316L.

Filling valves are reasonably structured with accurate filling. Bottles go up and down in the function of cam through elevator, to process filling with contact to bottle-mouth.

SUS316L pipeline separator without filling bowl, easy for CIP cleaning

Filler is driven through gears inside the machine frame. Link-wheels in rinser, filler and capper are transported in ringed support of bottle-neck.

5. Capper


Capper is the machine with highest precision, influence very much with the stability and reliability of the filling monoblock. Our capper features as follows,

The equipment is designed with the support of experts from school of engineering and mechanical in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and developed with the experience of asepsis filling machine. For example, I) extruding wheel (main part to control the stability when sealing). Kinematical and kinetic design of the wheel by experts improves the stability and credibility of the equipment. II) Sealing faucet (main part to control the credibility of sealing), is improved by experts with the design of alnico. Besides the magnetic contortion variation device, there is variation dial which makes variation more easily. The benefit of this design is not only it can set the contortion, but also it makes contortion more precise and credible, and reduces inferior.
Cap distributing chute is equipped with reverse cap stop and reverse cap pick-out mechanism.
Cap distributing chute is equipped with a photocell switch to stop the capper when there is no cap inside the chute.
The capper is equipped with inlet bottle detection switch.
Centrifugal way of cap arranging is adopted to reduce damage of caps.
I. Discharge starwheel
Nylon starwheel and conveyor belt work together to discharge bottles.
II. Discharge conveyor
1) Driving motor is frequency inverted to synchronize with the filling line to prevent bottles from falling
III. Machine frame
The machine frame is a welded structure of high quality carbon steel with the surface anti-rust treated and coated. The machine frame is wrapped with stainless steel sheet (SUS304).
Driving system of the 3-in-1 Unit is positioned under the machine table. One main motor provides driving power via gear transmission.
The gear transmission system is an interleaved arrangement of steel gears and nylon gears.
The output shaft of the main motor is equipped overload protection to secure machine safety.

IV. Electrical control system

Rotary rinser
Rotary filler
Rotary capper
Bottle infeed and outfeed system
Controlling cabinet

7. Main configuration

Material of filling valve: Stainless steel SUS316L

Material of rotary tray and machine platform of rinser and filler: Stainless steel SUS304
Main motor: ABB, Nord or SEW.
Sliding bearing: Igus.
Frequency inverter: Mitsubishi.
Touch screen: PROFACE.
PLC: Mitsubishi.
Pneumatic components: FESTO.
Seals: Busak+Shamban.
Photocell switch: Banner
Proximity switch: TURCK

Technical parameters

Ø  Number of working positions: rinser 14, filler 12, capper 5
Ø  Rated capacity: 5000BPH (500ml) subject to viscosity.
Ø  Air supply pressure: 0.7MPa
Ø  Air consumption: 0.8M3/min
Ø  Rinsing water pressure: 0.2-0.25 MPa
Ø  Consumption of rinsing water: 1 ton/hr.
  Ø  Way of filling: Pressure filling
Ø  Main motor power: 1.5 KW
Ø  Installed power: 2.42 KW

Automatic Cap Elevator

Automatic Cap Elevator

Cap sorter is equipped with testing switch, when caps are consumed to a certain degree, testing switch will signal to start feeding to cap elevator. There are certain amount of caps in the cap store, which will be fallen into air pipe in the function of vibrating motor. Caps will be conveyed to cap sorter through air conveyor.

Technical parameter

Fan: 0.55KW
Vibrating motor: 60W
Dimension: 1200×700×1260mm (L×W×H)

Tilting Conveyor

Tilting Conveyor

General description
The equipment is developed to match the hot filling beverage producing line, It have product inclined , using the product own temperature to sterilize the cap for second time, and soft the air -proof washer of caps, to tighten the closely between the bottle and cap. Sterilization time is 5-10s. After sterilization, the conveyor will make the bottle stand automatically. In the whole process we use two vertical bars for direction, and have bottle inclined, continue the sterilization time and stand automatically. The whole process is stable.

Main features

Main engine adopts variable speed, it is easily to set the producing speed.
The whole body is stainless steel (SUS304), clean and sanitary outlook.

Material in the bottle embellish the bottle mouth completely and special device can be set to fulfill the track vibration in the process of bottle forwarding, and material in the bottle interchange the heat.

Conveyor system is using the macromolecule material, join the heat-endurable board and stainless steel fringe, the platform is flat and little abrasion
Wide fringe board is equipped with the heat-endurable rubber washer to ensure the gap in the whole process, ensure the stable forwarding of the bottle.

Technical parameters
1. Rated capacity: 5,000BPH (500ml)
2. Conveying belt speed: 0~30m/min
3. Effective bottle side-down length: 6m

4. Showering & Cooling Tunnel

Showering & Cooling Tunnel

General description
We absorb the abroad equipment technology, newly-designed this machine, using circular chilling water cooling four-section for treating. During cooling, according to customer's requirement to adjust speed by inverter, which is suitable for cooling of all kinds of non-carbonated material, such as tea beverage, fruit wine, sauce, vinegar, juice, etc.

Main features

the whole body is made from stainless steel (horse, bearing, engine excluded), observing window can be set to around the base, the top structure can be opened for easy maintaining.
sprayer adopts the technology of American Spraying Systems Co.

the recycling filtering device and alarming system is equipped to the water gathering slot in the cooling tunnel.

Technical parameters

Cooling capacity: 4,000BPH (600ml)
Effective cooling area: 6.2×1.2m2
Conveying belt speed: 0~1.2m/min
Cooling time is adjustable and main motor is controlled by inverter

Air Blow Dryer

Air Blow Dryer

General description
The fast flowing air from the blow of the high-pressure fan is sprayed out of an aperture, to remove the remaining waters from bottles to a high extent. The aperture is side-positioned to blow all sides of bottles with fast flowing air.

Equipment makeup

High-pressure fan
Pressure equalizer box
Air pipe
Machine frame
Control part

Technical parameters
Model: CGH-01
Ventilator power: 5.5 kw for each
Air pressure: 40kPa
l Air speed: 100m/s
l Air flow volume: 2520M3/h

Bottle Conveying & Buffering System

Bottle Conveying & Buffering System

General Description
Bottle conveyor is in great influence with the efficiency of line operation. In the downstream of the line, a short break of the machine (eg. Label change) should be considered, but in the forepart, there should be no influence. The two parts should be connected perfectly to ensure the efficient operation of the whole line. Our arrangement of the line is fully concerned with the relationship between investment and efficiency for the Buyer, which is in fine compliance with the above requirement. With application of advanced technology from abroad, the structure is newly designed, and most of the components are formed up through pressing and bending, which are fine in capacity, low in weight and good in exchanging. The driving system operates reliably and easy to maintain. PLC is invited in the operation of electrical control system, with automatic speed deceleration and buffer.

Main features

The conveyor works smoothly and reliably through the parallel control of belt and main machine or the link-control of the equipments of forepart and downstream without fallen bottles, clipped bottles and blocked bottles in operation. The buffer table (about 2 minutes) can be positioned before labeler according to the requirement of the Buyer. When labels need to be changed, the filler in forepart don’t have to stop with its product stored in the buffer table. When labels are changed, labeler will work on with the stored bottles in a high speed to resume the parallel speed.
The conveyor is designed on module, with strong exchanging ability, compact structure, low noise and convenient installation and operation. It is flexible in different capability and bottles.

The electric control is designed reasonably. It can be designed according to the layout of the Buyer, and to choose necessary components, improving the stability of the transportation.

The switch is positioned reasonably according to the conveyor arrangement and requirements from the Buyer, to make it convenience for the operation of the Buyer.
Main components are made of stainless steel with chain from macromolecule plastic, electric components from SIEMENS.
Central lubricating system is used to lubricate bottle conveyor, which consists of spray nozzles, pump station and pipeline. Lubricating to the main points of conveyor can be realized during working.

Ink Jet Printer

Ink Jet Printer

General description
9000 series is a printer of the highest integration degree and smallest volume, which is a leader of top technology with easy and stable operation. Various models of different characters are customized for your needs, eg. different lines and display rate.

Main features

High efficiency

Two lines of changeable information can be printed.
Speed of printing can reach 4.4m/sec.
Printing of various kinds of information.
Optional characters.
Different height of characters: 5, 7, 9, 11 and 16.

Touch screen operation
  Touch screen button for on and off.
Fixed operation screen, with figure-key for different purposes, which is easy to handle.
Small volume.
S7 Sigma is smaller than any printers in the market.
Height: 512mm Length: 215mm Width: 236mm

Replaceable interface-box contains all connection parts for installation, making it easy for printers to move among lines.

Reliable performance
Simple operation

Module-design and automatic controlled program allow easy operation and maintenance of S7Sigma;

Two types of ink-box are applicable to the demand of different production.

Elaborate design

Application of high technology enhances sustainability.
Module is made of anti-corrosion epoxy-resin, and aluminum coated in surface.
Highly reliable electron board of SMC technology.

Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapper

Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapper

MB-10 machine has been designed for no tray, no cardboard case, packing with low cost in the operations, it is widely used in food, beverage, chemical and office industries

Adopting PLC programmable control and touch screen, easy operating and scouting accurately.
Next-case in feeding system, avoiding bottle absence and falling.
Structure in hot wind circulating  is adjustable.
Applying to different kinds of films.
Low consumption of electricity, especially in the shrink section.
Alarming when meet malfunction.
Technological Parameter

Machine dimension: 5150mm×2470mm×1940mm (L×W×H)
Casing size (max.): 400mm×300mm×400mm (L×W×H)
Sealing Length (max): 560mm
Horizontal Height of feed Conveyor: 900+50(mm)
Capacity: 10 cases/min
Power (max.): 26KW


Carton Roller Conveyor

Carton Roller Conveyor

General description
This system is applied in the conveying of products after packing with newly designed structure. The frame is pressed or bended to shape with fine rigidity and low weight. The roller-canister is made of S/S, the motor and reducer are products from Joint Venture, very reliable operating and easy to maintain.

Technical description

Way of working: No-pressure roller conveyor.
Material specification of machine frame: A3 sheet with spraying plastic of δ2.5


Today, drinking water is more and more important for human life. Clean, Pure, Sanitation, Health is most important for drinking water.

As a earliest developer, manufacturer of water treatment equipment,

We always do our best for people in Drinking water. There are 3 tenets of our company: “Enterprising” “Innovation” “Perfection”

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Automatic pull lid machine GIECL Provides all Technical supports for Buildings and Electrification for Projects
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL supporting for Licenses and Documentation
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL supply all Equipments as required and are responsible for its Installation.
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL supply its all Components as per International standard and Multinational Manufacturer norm
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL supply all Machineries with standard Spares and Consumables with Supply and post Monitoring of its uses
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL Turnkey Project's Key Factor is its Low Production Cost as it is working by optimizing Efficiency
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL strength is its Specialization in Training at Site which gives Trouble free Operation
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Automatic pull lid machine GIECL also making Flying Visit to its existing customer for observation and maintenance & operation at site
Automatic pull lid machine GIECL believes in Strong and Long terms Customer relationship


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